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News & Notes from Air Burners, Inc.

November, 2016 Government of Aruba visits Air Burners, Inc. in Palm City, Florida (Press Release) (2016)
October, 2015 Air Burners in conjunction with the University of California and the US Forest service and PurFire of Groveland, California will participate on October 9, 2015 in a Hazardous Fuels Reduction Demonstration at Shaver Lake, CA.
August, 2015 Air Burners, Inc. and Jawscrushers of Sydney, NSW, Australia Team up to Deliver Timber Waste Reduction and Solutions in Australia.
August, 2015 Air Burners and Humbold State University, Arcata, California conduct research on Air Burners PGFireBox waste-to-energy system operating in South Jacksonville, Florida
July, 2015 Air Burners, Inc. and WTE Brasil Team up to Deliver Waste Reduction and Conversion Solutions in Brazil.
July, 2015 Air Burners offers family of roll-on / roll-ff FireBoxes for both cable-hoist and hook-lift trucks.
March, 2015 Air Burners starts to accept orders for its 110KWe PG FireBox called PG110. Publishes video about its WTE systems.
December, 2014 Air Burners Second Generation PG FireBox is operational at its Jacksonville, FL demonstration site.
May, 2014 Air Burners installs PGFireBox at Greenland Biomass in Jacksonville, FL. Utilizes ElectraTherm ORC.
January, 2014 Air Burners, Inc. and Organic Matter Solutions P/L Melbourne, VIC, Australia Team up to Deliver Timber Waste Reduction and Solutions in Australia.
May, 2013 New tool helps in battle against Mountain Pine Beetles
by Carrie Moore, CUSTER COUNTY CRONICLE (South Dakota) - A BurnBoss Forestry Article
May, 2013

WILDFIRE TODAY: Using an air curtain to burn bug tree debris Posted by Bill Gabbert

January, 2013 STORM DEBRIS: Air Curtain Burning Better than Grinding
February, 2013 Air Burners, Inc. and New Crystal Communication / DLK Engineering of Abuja, Nigeria Team up to Deliver Waste Reduction and Energy Conversion Solutions in Nigeria and other West African Countries
November, 2012 Air Burners, Inc. and Biomass Transformers of Queensland Team up to Deliver Wood Waste Reduction and Conversion Solutions in Queensland, Australia (
January, 2012 "Heavy Equipment Manufacturer Uses Customer Smartphones for Tech Support"
August, 2011 Air Burners Participates in APWA 2011
The International Public Works Congress and Exposition in Denver, Colorado
September 18-21, 2011.
August, 2011 New Air Burners S-327 FireBox Waste Equipment Commissioned in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
The Gulf News Article
June, 2011 Air Burners FireBox employed by Coast Guard to help Clear Pearl River Log Jam in Louisiana:   "The Daily News" Article or Printable Version by Marcelle Hanemann
October, 2010 Air Burners Introduces FireBox with Integrated Landoll RGN for Safe Highway Transport
April, 2009 Going Green: Air Burners Turning Wood Waste into Electricity

July, 2008

EPA Concludes Disaster Debris Reduction Test in Louisiana Utilizing Air Burners Fire Box

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Marketing & Sales Department
4390 SW Cargo Way
Palm City, Florida 34990

Regular Factory Sales Office Hours:
Monday through Thursday, 7:30 am - 5:30 pm

Tel:  888-566-3900 (Toll-free, US only)
Fax: 772-220-7302

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Main Factory
4390 SW Cargo Way
Palm City, Florida 34990

Tel: 772-220-7303
Fax: 772-220-7302

Palm City is located 30 miles
North of West Palm Beach
on Florida's Atlantic Coast West of Stuart

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